Graphic Design • Illustration • Photography • Digital Manipulation

Dissatisfied with the quality of his existing book jacket cover design, author James Talbot contacted us for help. The design required both professionalising and given the design flexibility to encompass two further books, in various stages of editing. 

Enter The Alchemy of Distance series.

Utilising a mixed media technique, I began with photographs of models to represent three of the storyline’s pivotal characters and creating illustrative styles from the images.

The Thief Fleet: I worked with artist Peter Anderson’s dramatic painting of the HM Brig Supply. Thanks to Peter for permission to adapt his wonderful art.

A Wilful Woman: working from James’s close direction, I created the early scene of Sydney Cove.

The Devil to Pay: This cover’s illustration is my artistic impression of Governor John Macarthur and his wife’s family homestead, Elizabeth Farm.