On those occasions Michael takes a breather from working with his clients, you might find him walking through his forest. He might also be composing and recording another piece of music or writing a new work of fiction.

Tiger Dreaming is Michael’s alter-ego and he invites you to check out his other creative passions — music, writing and video.


‘Invisible’ © Michael Cannon, 2012

Where have you gone silent hunter? It’s been years since you’ve been seen.
Have you come to an end, silent hunter? I’ll keep looking for your shadow just the same.

Ordained by evolution, silent hunter, this isolated haven your last home.
And such a part of this world, silent hunter, before the darkness came.

Only if you have become invisible, choose to remain unseen; survival need.
Unless you really have become invisible — slowly fade away.

They came here from another world, and tore the heart from yours. Through decree, fear and deception you were condemned.
From then your days were few, silent hunter. I’ll keep looking for your shadow just the same.

Only if you have become invisible, choose to remain unseen — from the unrelenting.
Unless you really have become invisible. Slowly pass away to memory.

Your kindred’s desecration borne by greed-bred persecution.
Your pride less than a trophy for the wall.
If you could you would cry mercy for your children.
Through your silence no one heard.
No one cared, no one considered.
Would they have listened anyway?

Only if you have become invisible, choose to remain unseen, we might let you be.
Only for a pound, you became invisible, fading into grey just the same.

Silent hunter has become invisible, no longer seen — thylacine.
Silent hunter has become invisible. Through humanity you’re gone, just the same.